How can I build and improve my self-confidence and charm?

Start simple. Don't try everything you've learned all at once. Approach many women. Say whatever comes to mind. Study the responses. Carry it as far as you can go and if it doesn't work out, find another woman and try again. Over time, not only will you learn how to quickly gain rapport with almost any woman, you'll aslo gradually gain confidence, quick-thinking for immediate conversation starters, and the ability to stretch "fluff talk" long enough to elicit her values (her value words) which can then help you lead the conversation. For example, if she says "I like bright colors..." or "It's a really bright day out..." then you can ask "What is it about bright, colorful things that you like so much? She might respond "They remind me of my youth - carefree times". Then you can lead the conversation into things that associate you with memories of her youth, and reinforce the idea that you are a carefree person. Practice methods like this over and over with different woment until it becomes part of your nature. You will then have self-confidence and charm without ever thinking about it.