When is the best time to hug, kiss, or shake hands after meeting a

It depends on the situation, but don't think of it as "hugging, kissing, or shaking hands." Think of it as basically physical touching, and do it whenever it could come off as the most natural thing to do. For example, when talking to a woman at a bar (which might be crowded and noisy), lean in and talk very close into her ear while touching the side of her arm or elbow. This type of touching is also known as a "kinesthetic approach", kino for short. You want to a women, soon after meeting her, to feel comfortable (and possibly aroused) with this type of touching from you. It displays to her that you are a sexual being and are not afraid to move in close or make contact. Don't treat touching like a business affair, treat it like subtle animalistic human contact. Your hand stroking her hair, touching her hand, arm around her shoulder, whispering in her hear and making sure your lips brush against her lobes. That sort of thing. Obviously not done when first running into a woman on the street but over time with practice you'll learn when the right time is.